West Pennine LDC

What is the LDC?

The Committee is a statutory body representing in the main General Dental Practitioners,(GDPs) and Colleagues working in the Salaried Services based in the Primary Care Trust areas of the Oldham and Tameside with Glossop.

As the local representative committee for independent Dental Practitioners, the LDC has the statutory right to be consulted by the above Primary Care Trusts and the North West Strategic Health Authority on issues relating to the dental profession including negotiations around both Personal Dental Services and the General Dental Services.

The LDC is an independent body paid for by GDPs themselves via a compulsory Statutory Levy based on a percentage of contract value. A Voluntary Levy will also be raised to finance such events as LDC Annual Conference and the British Dental Guild.

The main function of the Committee is to represent and support General Dental Practitioners (GDPs); to ensure that GDPs are properly valued, their skills properly utilized, and whilst serving the public they are able to uphold appropriate standards of practice.

What are Area Teams?

Area Teams are the local office of NHS England which commissions and administers Primary Care. They are responsible for securing the provision of a range of services including commissioning NHS dentistry.

ATs are funded from a unified budget allocation, which covers: GDS, PDS, CDS.
Hospital and community dental health services;
Optical Services.
They are the people who administer your contract (if you are a contract holder) and regulate NHS services in your area. They also look after NHS performance and NHS professional standards for all dentists undertaking NHS work

West Pennine your LDC

As an LDC we are committed to being a source of support, advice and reference for all dentists in Oldham, Tameside and Glossop

Our LDC will have an important role in the foreseeable future, not only in calling the Greater Manchester Area Team (GMAT) to account but also in acting as a bridge between the profession and management organisations.

Please note that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. It is extremely important that as your representative organisation we have your version of what is happening on the ground, as information sharing by the NHS Organisations is very variable.

In the run up to potentially any new contract or change in contract, for example, we have a huge opportunity to ensure that the local dental agenda is properly set. Please don’t hesitate to let the officers know about anything you do not feel comfortable about. We can take it up with them on your behalf.

Meet the Officers

Dr Stephen Shimberg


First qualifying back in 1972 I have been in practice now for over 50 years, the majority of time in predominantly NHS Practice in the Oldham area, as well as in Private Practice in Greater Manchester. I have Chaired West Pennine LDC for 17 years as well as being one of the GDPC reps for Greater Manchester for 15 years. I am also a member of both the GM Federation of LDC’s as well as the North West Regional Federation of LDC’s. I represent the Federation on Greater Manchester NHSE Performance Advisory Group and the Performers List Decision Panel

Actively involved in all aspects of the profession I spent 6 years as a board member of the BDA on their Principle Executive Committee as well as their Audit Committee.

Dr Stuart Allan


Dr Ian Hughes


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